Monday, September 22, 2014

American Intervention In Africa Is Another Version Of The "Determined Kind Of Programatic Scheming" That Could Also Be Called Ol' Jim Crow

Whites Haven't Been This Desperate And Determined To Throw Restrictions On Voting Since Jim Crow (Where The Racist Idea Started)

This woman on television is the cultural equivalent to meeting a gangsta at the ATM

I'll give Elisabeth Hasselbeck's ahistorical re-endorsement of the racist KKK-era voting "tests" this much:

Elections DO become "more meaningful" to blacks whenever whites have tried taking our vote away.

And unfortunately for everyone, Americans everywhere, resurrecting this particular bit o' history also reminds us - quite precisely I'd say - of what kind of evil, conniving, little undemocratic moles whites still are. 

There's no disconnecting this, from the hooded guys, Folks.

Who is continually "finding themselves" back in this same, sick, racist place - trying the same, sick, racist scheme - while expecting blacks to forget everything whites have done and just eat it?

Really - good luck with THAT one,...

Ha! The GOP Has Made An Ad Taken Right From The Althouse Blog (And It's Just As Awful As She Can Be)

Ann's a blonde - but the condescending message is the same

I've always thought it weird, that I've been blogging the entire current presidency, and never needed an "Obama The Boyfriend" tag:

Why do rich white "feminists" keep talking and behaving as though THIS WOMAN doesn't need help first - or the white's concerns (they don't have real problems) need more immediate attention?

But, then, I'm also not a white female narcissist (It's all about you, White Ladies!) looking down upon black lives "on the D/L."

White women have been of little help to blacks since slavery

I'm starting to figure it's just a cranky-old-white-German-ladies-who-will-let-blacks-die-in-front-of-them-while-joking-about-it thing. AKA:

How many of these "happy" concentration camp killers made it to America?

The Nazi strain running through American politics.

Funny, but I don't think this is what Miles Davis had in mind

This is a cold fucking country - filled with cold-hearted people, trying to steal "cool" from blacks, as they take our lives. And the worst thing about it?

Friends to blacks don't sit on the sidelines

White people who could stop it - including Ann - STILL think it's normal for them to either stand by, kill us, or watch us die,...

Michelle Alexander (Author Of "The New Jim Crow") On White America's Corrosive "Zimmerman Mindset"

I Keep Looking For White's "Evil" Racists (But They All Look So Nice)

Racists like to insist black anger is misplaced BEFORE revealing our reason for it - it's good cover

I'm not sure how blacks will ever feel totally safe, surrounded by racists who look like this. But, there she is, ready to pounce in a moment's notice - all she needed was an opening:

Whites - who now claim I'm a racist - should find it disturbing how often I've been drunk, and never decided to say anything like that:

You know, "the content of our character" and that old stuff,...

Why Do White People Make Up Stories About Blacks?

- James Baldwin

Black People Have A Great Way Of Making The Whites Aware Of When We've Had Enough Of Their Bullshit

When new freedoms open up, we take 'em. And I'd bet you: 

Her co-workers - just like that idiot patriarch from Duck Dynasty - would've sworn up-and-down she was "happy" with them,....

Why The West & Civilization Don't Really Go Together

"Whites are going to orchestrate both of our deaths and then laugh about it"

The Western World is dying. And for good reason - it's wasted our lives:

 A culture at war with itself simply must not stand,...

Uh-Oh: Daniele Watts Has Just Lost Her Ghetto Pass

- Project Islamic Hope President Najee Ali and Los Angeles Urban Policy Roundtable President Earl Ofari Hutchinson, denouncing Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts, after she said racial profiling was behind her recent police stop when it's been revealed she and her white husband were actually getting their freak on in public 

And They Have The Nerve To Call This "Government"

- Ezra Klein

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Where Can Blacks Go To Escape Racism In America?

Feminism, like American justice, only seems to have an influence for some

Ann Althouse recently admonished me to "take responsibility" for entering a racist state. I thought it was a particularly cruel thing to say because, unfortunately, I had just spent all my money doing just that - by leaving Oregon:

Politicians, like American justice, only seem to work for some

But Oregon, like everywhere else that discriminates against us, still collected black's taxes - which the whites spent. TMR's conclusion: 

The truth, like American justice, only seems to be true for some

 Whites are so clueless, to what the racism all over this country has done - and is doing - to others lives, their advice (on almost anything) is shit:

And, yeah, cruel beyond belief,...

What's The Meaning Of "White Mental Illness"?

If these guys were voting any different, from conservatives today, I don't see it

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fragments Of Short Films By Zbigniew Zbig Rybczynski

This collection features the original "New Book" (seen above) and his time-lapse classic "I Can't Stop":

Pour yourself a glass of wine and watch the master at work,...

Dear White People: We're Not Slaves (But Here To Help)

This is my favorite of the new "Dear White People" PSAs, but there's even more worthy of note:

Go see them all and then tell me what YOU think,...

"The Party's Moved Away From Somebody Like Me"

I don't think I'm wrong to suspect - since we're both Republicans, veterans, AND Race Men - Colin Powell and I also share, occasionally, feeling like fools. I called the general "Judas!" when he first endorsed Obama (a position I now regret taking, and that didn't go without notice) but, at the end of the day, we're both still stuck: our American ideals, and political goals, still stand in the shadow of our nation's white supremacy. And (it can't go without saying) it's white supremacists.

My difference with Powell is he thinks the GOP "took a turn to the right" and he'll (presumably) be content to wait the insanity out. I say America's history with blacks, from slavery on, being what it is, the Right's evil is built in and can only be confronted.

Since "our side" is always so concerned with taxation without representation, America's reparational crimes should be as easy to deduce - after reading that blacks had been discriminated from using public facilities since slavery - as asking, "Did they pay taxes?" But logic's not the game we're playing. This is still cold, hard, brutal, murderous, white American slaver self-preservation-at-the-expense-of-others-who-didn't-hurt-you, lynch mentality at it's finest. I'll give them a little credit, though:

Left or Right, they do try to make it look like "Friends",...

Friday, September 19, 2014

When The Reality Differs From The History I'll Believe It

Today whites claim they have no idea why blacks are poor
"There is a thorough understanding among [whites] in the way of seeing that the colored people shall never have much; they are united one with another to see that that is done."
- Robert Meacham, Jefferson County, Florida state Senator

TMR's Racist Republican List: No Pants To Say Nigger

White people DO "all look alike" when it comes to racism - always the nicest folks you can meet

Why white people can't understand they have a racial problem - and it's not just the Democrat's historical legacy - is confusing. I mean, when Republican candidates and leaders, including William F. Buckley, are notorious for it, why do they bother?

And white supremacy says he'll keep doing it - as a Republican - because that's what white folks (not Democrats) do under white supremacy:

Whatever-the-fuck they want, for as long as whites will let them,...

If You Wanna Fuck With Us, We Gonna Fuck With You!

American law enforcement has no credibility but that which we give it:

And they're throwing it down the tubes,...

Thursday, September 18, 2014

TMR's Racist Republican List: Idaho? No, YOU Da Ho!

"If I could have talked to Hitler"

It's so gratifying to learn The Lion Of IdahoRepublican Senator William Borah, "remained personally popular among Idaho voters" after declaring:

Trying to find safety is still the issue

Why do I like it? Because his statement, emanating as it does from the Senate floor, re-affirms so much I already know about the country - especially that no place in America has ever been "The Promised Land" for blacks - including the North. AND that Republicans were never our friends either.

It's election time again! Y'all come on out!

William Borah works to, at least, make my continuing disappointment in whites less disappointing. 

This is one ugly trajectory

He's historical reality, matching up with lived experience, exactly,....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whites Tell Blacks The Same Exact Thing (Every Day)

May white supremacy's blessings be upon us

Stand up to white supremacy - or anything else whites want - and they become parrots:

It's white's historical support for blacks making the criticism hurt,...