Saturday, November 22, 2014

Racist Whites Don't Think Yesterday Has Ever Existed

In 1814, when blacks were the most expensive property in America, whites supposedly loved those they forced to wear rags.


In 2014, when blacks are worth nothing after the destruction of slavery, whites hate us and complain it's about how we dress.

In 2011, whites had "a Golden Opportunity to Win the Latino Vote," and wanted to do so - while what that did to blacks didn't matter.


In 2014, whites now say "Barack Obama Throws Black Americans Under the Bus" after winning the hispanic vote - and that's all that matters to them.

And the lesson here is:

Whites are so consumed with telling themselves (and others) their delusional lies, they think people dedicated to studying history will also forget whatever they'd previously said and done.

And that's a losing strategy,...

Whites Can't Even Count (1919 Came Before "The 60s")

Wear the "wrong" pants and blacks deserve whatever whites do

Racist white's oppressive focus on the blacks they've made poor - and not white's own racist behavior - began long before LBJ:

We must still be in the Reconstruction Era

Blacks seem to change much easier than whites - why is that?

When racist whites focus, on what racist whites do, then racist whites might become respectable themselves,...

This is how a white person looks "thinking about race"

History has shown that 'acting better' does not bring about being 'treated better.' We must remember that four girls were in Sunday school when their Birmingham church was bombed. Amadou Diallo did not commit any crime, obeyed the police, but yet was shot 41 times by the police. We can count numerous times in which women were raped not because they wore short skirts or were intoxicated but simply because they were women. This is why in "A Case For Reparations", Ta-Nehisi Coates claims: 
The kind of trenchant racism to which black people have persistently been subjected can never be defeated by making its victims more respectable. The essence of American racism [or any hatred for that matter] is disrespect. 
Moreover, respectability politics is not a philosophy where we value morality for morality sake but it is used as a means to achieve respect from Whites and men: a goal that may never be achieved.

The Republicans Decide (The Republicans Are Insane)

Power bought with black's stolen money + crazy = white's "happiness" 

 Ann Althouse and Meade will be over-joyed to hear this assessment of their political acumen, I'm sure:

 That not a single defender of the previous insanity has retracted their claims is how you know you can always trust what Right-Wing supporters have said,...

More Concrete Evidence America's (Not Really) Racist

U.S. blacks live in a place where equality burns brightly - from sea to shining sea

- Ira Hansen, Nevada Assembly Speaker-designate, showing why "hiding the crazy" was the GOP's main priority in the last "honest" election this deliberately-ahistorical place had attempted to hold

Friday, November 21, 2014

Why Bill Cosby's "Respectability Politics" Are Rejected By Blacks Can Be Explained Using One Historic Photo

Well-dressed, well-behaved, going to school, hated

The Whites Over-looking Blacks To Feel O.K. Are Racist

- The Crack Emcee, yesterday, chatting up the racists at Althouse

Mary Elizabeth Williams, yesterday, explaining why I talk to people like I do on Althouse (including Ann)

- Sullivan High School principal Jennifer Schmidt, in Salon, explaining her first thoughts when her white students used blackface for a school performance

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Racism: It's Everywhere You Look (If You Dare 2 Look)

You've got to have eyes to "see"

Poor white people: if there's a disaster, TMR regains it's footing:

Quick, white people - create more of your "comforting" visions:

I need all the "help" I can get,...

2 White Journalists Discuss The 1st Black President - But Have No Language To Actually Talk About His Race

We don't even THINK about race!

Chuck Todd's book also could've been called "The Other":

Or worse....

The Dotsies Get Their Own Show About Destroying SF

I love that the black girl is the only one used for sex, and even has her place taken over, against her will:

It's just like real life - except that's more blacks than in tech,....

3 White Suburban Grandmothers Smoke Pot 4 The First Time & Discover What Their Lives Have Been Missing

"Oh, this could be dangerously fun,..."