Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New York's Highest Black Corrections Officer Resigns Over White's Indifference To The Hell Hole They Create

He even looks like MLK

Of course, he's black, because whites are too busy fulfilling the rapist, Thomas Jefferson's, "pursuit of happiness" to fix things:

 Boy - add in the fact that whites send blacks to prison on trumped up charges and that sounds just awful,...

Colorless White People Are Still Dressing In Blackface

Like Ann Althouse, not being able to accurately smell or taste (but still convincing herself she's really on top of interpreting things) whites try to make up for their deficiencies somehow,...

No Fairness Or Honor? Fuck This Shit: It's Time We Go To Destroying Everything These White Bastards Enjoy

Welcome to the future:  

They give us nothing to live for anyway,...

Reasons White Supremacist America's The Greatest II

Ann Althouse complaining, to the proper authorities, about blacks showing "male privilege" 

 What can be said about a people and a place (the U.S. is not a country) that celebrates murdering black teens for "obstructing traffic" as it "employed and protected at least 1,000 Nazis"? 

Or, during WWII, joined Joseph Stalin while lynching blacks?

What can honestly be said? I'll tell you:

Whites have Hannibal Lecter's ethical underpinnings,...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Reasons White Supremacist America's The Greatest I


How whites are obsessed with recycling inanimate objects while trashing black citizens:

The Nazis would be impressed with such,...efficiency,..

Conservative Prodding For Panic Over The Ebola Non-Crisis Causes New Jersey's Chris Christie To Make An Ass Of Himself On The National Political Stage - Again

Whites seem to think - after stealing all the money - we, too, can afford to wait until they wise up

Well, the morons in favor of panic finally found a self-styled "leader" to um, follow them, and what's happened? He's gotten in line, to be the first, to kick his own presidential campaign in the nuts: 

That statement might help since she's the right demographic: 

The same race as Matt Drudge.

Clearly, some white Americans can only listen to each other, since everyone black and sane is, also, so totally incompetent,...

Lies Of Convenience (America's Number One Export) IV

Whites have stopped fucking with blacks - in measurable ways

Ann Althouse seems to have thought a comment, about the death of Oscar Taveras, was meaningful. Let's see how meaningful it becomes when re-written for black people: 

In my case, it's not difficult to imagine circumstances where I would have been far away from the street today: For instance, had America paid blacks reparations already, rather than insisting on staying openly racist by ignoring centuries of evidence, I - like most Americans - would probably have had the education and income to weather most storms, assuming they were of the usual variety of course; but even if they may have been huge, they wouldn’t almost always be a choice between life and death, etc. While the nation has (so far) gotten away with slavery and it’s ajoining crimes, in an alternative universe, it could easily go another way. In that alternative universe, even amongst whites, blacks could have long and productive lives, and be completely happy and content at “home.” Sadly, in this universe, white Americans are insisting in a multitude of ways that ain’t never gonna happen in their lifetimes.”

Yep - I agree - that's deeeeep,...

Lies Of Convenience (America's Number One Export) III

There's not much evidence whites ask themselves why they fight and exploit black Americans

John Althouse Cohen, explaining prejudice in America as a two-way street, October 25th, 2014

There's evidence whites are still so lame blacks even have to decipher their evasions for them 

- Ann Althouse, going down her son's street and having a head-on collision with herself, October 27th, 2014

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lies Of Convenience (America's Number One Export) II

The president hugging the Dalla nurse who had the ebola virus 

What can be said about the people, and specifically the conservatives, who were willing to exploit irrational fears about a killer virus for personal and/or political gain - while loudly calling the first black president incompetent? That they don't deserve our respect? That they don't deserve to be thought of as decent Americans? That they're simply unethical liars? 

Or how about they're typical white people, doing what typical white people do to anyone they can, and that's why America engaged in slavery and Jim Crow and racism against blacks (even though it knew it was wrong) and is still so screwed up? 

Personally, under white supremacy's Drudge-dominated mediasphere, roll 'em all into one and I'd say you're onto something,...