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The Lies That Whole Foods Told (TMR's Told You, Too)

One of these things is not like the others - one of these things just doesn't belong

When a self-educated blogger can sniff out fraud better than most, by years, or even decades (Dr. Oz anyone?) it should be obvious our system of education is but one of those frauds, being publicly perpetrated, amongst many others. Like, take Whole Foods, please: 

You're now all "on the hook" for unnecessarily raising the poor's food costs

But - not to worry - TMR is sure those lies, at least, are "free range":

Vegetarian's reputation for honesty, and concern for human life, leaves much to be desired 

Because liars can't have a house - to trap us in - without building the foundation, first, right? Everybody knows that.

When white Americans become "enlightened" - hide your wallet, your knives, and watch your back

Except for these poor lost fools, who we hardly knew at all, because - thanks to NewAge "teachings" - they've never really known themselves:

Cultists never do.

They're just outlooks now, marketed appropriately, for purchase,…

The Guy Crack Walked To School With Explains Guns

"Like KRS-One says, 'You'll never have justice on stolen land,...'"

Jackie Robinson & TMR Saw Eye-To-Eye On The GOP

Whites, today, try to act like being a Race Man is a new thing, when it's really the only stance a black man in America can take. What's also not new is how rigidly stubborn, and stuck-on-stupid, Republicans are:

Some things will never change,...

MLK Knew Better (Than Barry Goldwater Supporters Do)

“While not himself a racist, Mr. Goldwater articulates a philosophy which gives aid and comfort to the racists,…”

The Conservative "Race Hustler" Is Where He's Needed

Al Sharpton, taking advantage of Eric Garner's widow, as conservatives always charge

Video Of Eric Garner's Life's True Ending Has Emerged

"This is what they do."

Surrounded by his harassers, who are the same people who killed him:

Keep your eye on the white cop in the green shirt, with "99" on the back, if you want to see how murderers behave after a kill,...

Driving In Russia (Is As Dangerous As It's Gangsters)

3 car accidents at a single intersection - one of which is outright criminal - and all in 30 seconds,...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

"My Concern Is With The Ultimate Fate Of Knowing."

The best dissection of the moon landing "hoax" ever created,…

Sarah Got Drunk & Said A Black President Can't Holder

Sarah Palin's been irrelevant for a while now but, today - maybe after nipping a little too much at the cooking sherry - she went on (what seemed to be) such a tipsy tirade against the presidentAttorney General Eric Holder, and their perception of racism in America, TMR's re-setting her 15 Minutes Of Fame Clock.

It's quite the sight, this woman - who's shown no insight or aptitude on the subject of race - lecturing two black men that they are, not just wrong but, trying to be deceptive by bringing it up. And naturally, she'd rather pivot to impeachment, because (even she has to know) we're aware there's no substance to her claim of understanding their motivations, making her whole rap a sieve.

Only the most ignorant of whites will get sucked into it,...

Weird Al Yankovic's Great Cover Of Lorde Called "Foil"

Whites Stole Black's Land Using Murder & Government

Hobbling the black race - while demanding we succeed - seems to be the M.O.

This was taken from a 2006 Associated Press article - in case you missed it - which was probably intentional: 

Some of those whispered bits of oral history, it turns out, are true.

In an 18-month investigation, The Associated Press documented a pattern in which black Americans were cheated out of their land or driven from it through intimidation, violence and even murder.

Which is why this is a great country - a wonderful country - fulfilling all the requirements of flag-saluting patriots everywhere,…


Whites have been supporting stop-and-frisk from Day One - well, here's their desired result, after what the man said was a lifetime of harassment

We all - literally - watched the NYPD kill a man:

Just as blacks, there, have always said they did,...

Whites Are The Racist Products Of A Culture Of Idiocy

It's hard to believe, any whites are sane, after centuries of this kind of fluffing 

 Some guy at The Atlantic got hold of an old textbook from 1906:

 And, what's incredible is, after being raised - absorbing views gleaned from such white racist nonsense - their kids (and grandkids) wonder why, today, everybody thinks they're also a bunch of stupid lying racists who can't stop being offensive to others.

Thanks, white America, for centuries of no education - and lying we now compete "fairly"!

But they told each other, later, black people had no books:

American Apartheid was simply a staging area for Hell,….

Stunning Demonstration Of What America Has Come To

After a lifetime of gorging on other people's efforts, she's finally decided to try and do things on her own,...

Israelis Cheer The Macabre (Which, In Itself, Is Macabre)

TMR is people are crazy - they don't necessarily "go" there,...

Dan Aykroyd's Worst James Brown Impression EVAH

But, as long as he didn't start talking about aliens, I'm cool,...

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America Breaks Your Arm Saying "I Was Only Playing!"

Younger than the others but they're already terrified

It's bad enough, we make up our own rules to the game, but:

Not knowing our own strength gets people killed,...