Friday, December 19, 2014

Change Is Hard –- Even Harder When We Carry History

Nobody talks about why we left Cuba, but you know why,...

If Hating Whites Is So Wrong, Why Has Hating Blacks Worked Out So Well For American White's Success?

I didn’t say it, it was a "SONY leak: Denzel Washington should not star in lead roles overseas because the world is 'racist’.“ I coulda said it. Coulda said it a lot. I’ll say it now. Done.

Come on, you’ve got to be pretty fucking dense to miss that message - and the fact Hollywood makes shitty movies - but, right here and now, we’ve also got The View’s Whoopi Goldberg chiming in and saying she does “not agree with the blanket statement that America is racist.” You have to remember: she also once admitted to not being sure if we landed on the moon, so Whoop’s on her own here.

Next, we’ve got a Wisconsin law professor giving evidence she’s not "a reasonable, objective person,“ which is kind-of-close to inching-toward integrity, somewhere in the world, so,…Bra-vo for that.

Somebody must think he’s making good on his promise to try and transform this place, because the Associated Press is reporting that President Obama “is shaking up the governing status quo and creating a new normal for his successors.” After the wacko whites recently went on a gun buying frenzy and everything. Balls of Steel.

The 10 best moments in political comedy this year. Gotta have that. Like Soylent Green, they’re people!

Speaking of people, Bill O'Reilly Attacked Samuel L. Jackson For “Jumping On The Grievance Train” like everybody else who's black. Apparently O'Reilly thinks Jackson should jump off. I think a new O'Reilly book, called “Killing Samuel L. Jackson,” is in order. A perfect gift from Sumpin’ Claus.

And BTW - Democracy Sucks. Whether it was ever any good is now back up for debate. Is Daniel Ellsberg still alive? I’m just asking. Thinking about attending The Miscegenation Ball but I need a date-that’s-not-a-date, youknowhatI’msayin’?

And finally, Kendrick Lamar visited Stephen Colbert to prove he’s running out of ideas, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a mess because the induction committee (like Ann Althouse) has bad taste, and not only is “Liquid Fire” real but - even if you’re Criming while white (and you know you are) when I can’t - Hillary Clinton still wants you to know BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Though we’re all the same,…

Thursday, December 18, 2014

"FOX News Has Got '99 Problems' But Jay-Z Ain't One"

More evidence that, no matter what blacks do, they can't please whites,...

What To Do With White People Is Now A Trending Topic

Ayn Rand, white's conservative cultist of selfishness and national irresponsibility - along with all the others - should never have been resurrected

Thank goodness, oppressed culture's don't naturally roam to making slaves, sending people away in cattle cars, or firing squads, because America's caucasians would be in some trouble going forward in history. Of course, TMR (always ahead of the cultural curve) long ago switched to an all-white-all-the-time-call-out format, while Salon's Brittney Cooper has only recently gotten to the point where whites have her "utterly undone." But it's Jezebel's Brit Bennett, who finally confesses what everyone's thinking: "I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People." 

She's got me there, too, because - after my trial-by-fire with emersion in white "culture" - I now have a hard time identifying what "good" even means, in the shitshow that is white America revealed. I mean, considering what hardships whites are saddling blacks with, as I write this, would it be wrong for future generations to subject white's ever-more-unreasonable asses to slavery, cattle cars, and firing squads? White's obstinance (and laughter) in the face of our deaths, coupled with their historical willingness to see others suffer for their benefit, makes it a tough call. "Ethics," as we know it, becomes questionable in their presence - which, in a way, has always been the "good" white people's point. 

Confronting the weight, of living with 4 centuries of white bullshit, I just wrote something like the following, in an email, to a "good" white person a few days ago:

Reading "a society of solipsism" really brings the point home, for me, because that's what TMR's been blogging about this place for almost a decade. This "modern" society that said the late (and suicidal) Spalding Gray was "brilliant" as he talked about pot affecting his "kundalini," and made multiple con men and women rich selling "The Secret," but today calls Will Smith's Scientology-schooled kids "crazy" for spouting the same inherited garbage everyone was applauding as they grew. (Picking on the black kids really brings the cowardice of these people, not to mention their corrosive racial dynamics, into view.) I could say, "make up your minds, people!" but I'm no longer sure many others have one - or ever have. It's just been my slow torture, equal to anything I've read in the recent report that's got everyone so outraged, now. You've all become Dick Cheney, dripping with evil and the stench of death, to me.

And the world turns. By 2044, whites will be the minority and the kids of these monstrosities, who will be spouting THEIR PARENT'S inherited nonsense, won't have the cover of their parent's superior numbers - so what to do? I imagine future generations will be at a loss, because protecting those who've always been hurting blacks, merely to protect their egos, won't be a winning proposition to the formally oppressed. White's perversion of MLK's teachings are already causing non-violence to lose it's currency and, after another 30 years, and faced with this already-heavily-armed white population, I can't see how it'll last. (If whites don't believe in non-violence - and their heavily-advertised and newly-purchased arsenals clearly say they don't - why will anyone else?)

And it's today's remorseless "good" white people, through their open hostility and willful inaction, that will have made it so. They demanded it be this way, and everyone's finally heard them, and these "others" will have no choice but to respond accordingly.

I guess, looking at it objectively, only a very-pre-emptive "congratulations" - for any future carnage to caucasians - are all that can reasonably be offered,...

The Cult Of North Korea Defeated The Cult Of SONY

The fox is out of the hen house and setting the couch on fire

I'd been writing about the cult of North Korea for so long I got sick of it, and naturally, once I stopped, they've gone and done something that actually gets Americans attention: not killing people by the thousands, Silly, but killing a bad movie. No, not the white Sci-Fy "thriller" always set in a dystopian future for some reason, or the Rom-Com featuring unlikable white folks who have to mate onscreen for some reason, or any of the ones that feature white people who all automatically know Kung-Fu at the drop of a hat for some reason, but white America's traditional cheery Christmas fare, built around the comedy styling of singling out someone for assassination. I told you those North Koreans were crazy.

North Korea could've retaliated by threatening to kill America's imagination but, by the look of things, Hollywood's already beat them to that by a long shot,...

It Takes 70 Years For Whites To Admit They're Wrong

If whites are around, and there's a way to never leave the womb, take it

I've always loved George Stinney Jr's face. It's as good a blend of Don't-You-Dare-Believe-In-Democracy and Of-Course-Whites-Will-Try-To-Kill-Obama as anyone can imagine. At 14 years old, George was the Place-The-Name-Of-Any-Screwed-Over-Black of his day, with whites offering their eternal rationalizations for why he had to die 70 years ago (just as they have many, at the ready today, for why blacks have to die and reparations won't be paid). Of course George was innocent, with whites railroading him to the grave, but never mind - this is America. That's the whole rigged game, made for their comfort and enjoyment.

Whites stole my purpose for living on October 25th, 2005, and the feeling's just deepened since then: that there's nothing this place stands for but destroying black's dreams and then more of the same, so whatever. Enjoy yourselves, white people. You win.

It's written all over little George's face - and I probably would've been a much happier camper if it'd been etched on mine at 14, too,...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Why I Hate Dave Logan & I've Only Just Read His Name

 - Dave Logan, of the USC Marshall School of Business, on Sony's Amy Pascal possibly losing her job over racist emails

1961 was the year I was born in South Central, Los Angeles. I met my father and mother, as strangers, when I was 13 and 40, respectively, having only intermittent contact with them after that, to which I blame respectability politics. I can’t remember how many foster homes (some nice, some not) I was “raised” in. I took hellish beatings in them all.

Except for visits to a foster home by the “insurance man,” who my Great Migration “parents” of the time treated like a God, my first interactions with whites came about because it was discovered I was “smart.” By testing well in the 9th grade, I had won the honor, on my first day, of being seated between two white troublemakers the teacher wanted separated. Once I was introduced to the class, and between them, their exchange went like this:

“Hey, Marty, you like niggers?”

“Yeah, I think everyone should own one.”

I immediately got a bad reputation for using my desk - the kind with the chair attached - to bash both of their heads in. I didn’t care. I cared even less when we were punished “equally,” with them being sent home while I was made to wait in detention, until the day was over, and the school bus I caught at 6:30 AM returned we blacks to neighborhoods defined by gun fire.

The first time I was invited to a white person’s house, unexpectedly, my friend’s mother took one look at me, clapped her hands together and exclaimed, “Excellent: we’re having fried chicken for dinner!” My friend, mortified, hustled me to his bedroom, where I sat alone, surrounded by posters of his white heroes, as the two of them apparently discussed proper comportment.

 - President Barack Obama, on what awaits the dark and successful

That friend, and two of his white friends I later met, went on to be cops. When we were kids, we’d sit in a soda shop (they bought mine) and, to my disgust, the three soon-to-be “officers” would make fun of the Mexicans working in the kitchen. They said they were only playing. Meanwhile, I couldn’t go to the same parties they did, couldn’t get the jobs they did, easily, and wandered the streets looking for shelter. One of the whites, the most sociopathic of the three - he beat up his girlfriend, and kept knives and “Japanese Throwing Stars” for the walls he occasionally punched holes into, when emphasizing a point - volunteered to work South Central, Los Angeles upon graduation. I think about him a lot when I consider, of my 20 black running buddies there, 16 are already dead. In 1979 I was encouraged by white parents to join the military as an out.

 - Attorney General Eric Holder, on police abuses

I didn’t join the Navy to escape the ghetto, really, but because they had a drafting program, and I was artistically inclined. They cancelled the program as soon as I graduated the racially-fraught ordeal of boot camp, and when they asked me what I wanted to do then, I told them to send me back to South Central. “Not going to happen,” I was told, “you signed the paper - we own you.” I told them to put me on the next ship leaving the States.

Out to sea, I served under a redneck who also liked to throw knives, and - since he signed my progress reports - made it one of my jobs to return them. He, and another white guy who never rose above E-1, knew more about the ship than the Captain. Together, they smuggled drugs onboard at every port, eventually resulting in an investigation into why so many sailors were jumping over-board (myself included) and hoping it wasn’t merely that we were one of the first crews forced to endure an extended deployment of 9 months at sea, during the Iranian Hostage Crisis.

I spent the last 8 months of my enlistment in the brig, having developed the nasty habit of clocking officers, in an unsuccessful bid to cancel my enlistment. I spent most of that time in solitary confinement, next to an extremely violent black guy named “Green,” who required six guards to escort him to the showers. I admired him, and he admired my singing voice, requesting I serenade him to sleep each night with songs I made up on the spot. It was a talent I hardly knew I had.

 - Bill Withers, interviewed in Rolling Stone, after his nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

 I was released on June 6th, 1983 and not long afterwards, found myself back as one of the few black guys in San Francisco’s fabled "Mabuhay Gardens,” attending a Flipper show. Their drummer, noticing my alienation, graciously bought me a beer and, later, encouraged me to keep writing songs. I did, and - while never getting rich - would eventually go on to be in a few of San Francisco’s most iconic bands.

When I finally went solo in the early 90s, wholly rejecting respectability politics as “The Crack Emcee,” my work was first positively reviewed by the LA Weekly. Later, the writer said he’d gotten some push-back for covering me favorably, and was told if he ever did again, he’d be restricted from new releases by the record company. He apologized if he’d hurt my prospects, but, as a black man, he was also afraid for his own:

Last I’d heard, that writer - a "smart" and talented guy - was sleeping in his car.

BTW, it was Sony that was so turned off by the idea of helping me, or anyone who understood the implications of my work.

But, as I sit here in a homeless shelter, remembering and writing this - I finally am happy to say - that feeling is now so totally mutual,….

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

As The Earth Circles The Sun (Whites Circle Everyone)

White America's created, and accepted, a sick and brutally violent culture - based on their fears and nothing more - that has never changed

It's instructive to note that ”not only do 59 percent of Americans say the torture of suspected terrorists was justified," but it's probably those same Americans who have been attempting to  justify the killing of black citizens by calling us "thugs" and "savages" and - in the case of Darren Wilson - a "demon." (That these are convincing arguments, for them - alone - to explain why someone with darker skin has to die, is also revealing.)

I think, if white America saw themselves as others do, they'd become more aware of this as their semi-annual Blood Lust-A-Go-Go,...

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, Out Of This Fucking World

I've been trying not to blog Joe Scarborough today, because I try not to think of Joe Scarborough generally, but when he leaps into conspiracy theory territory, well, that's my bailiwick and I have to do it. According to Joe - good ol' level-headed, they-keep-wondering-if-he's-presidential-material, Joe - all the women accusing Bill Cosby of molesting them are looking for their 15 minutes of fame. Including, I gather, Kathy Lee Gifford - who says she turned down a kiss from Bill with the revealing "We're friends" and not the definitive "We're married." (Considering celebrity morals, is it any wonder why Bill might've gotten the wrong idea, there?)

Anyway, Joe Scarborough - wait. What? There - right ON:

I was able to forget about him after all,...

White People (Not Related To The Althouse Clan) Don't Understand The Black Protests Since "We're Happy!"

SantaCon 2014 by Gothamist

Living off of accumulated slavery money can really buoy your mood

Luckily, they didn't mention Amazon sales (or purchases) or if they thought protesters were picking on blacks and women in the past,...