Tuesday, September 2, 2014

There's A Good Chance The Unemployed Aren't Crazy

"Biggest brain we ever saw - obviously you belong in the streets!"

All I have to consider is two little words derived from the workplace - office politics - and this very-important failure in American education, oft repeated here, doesn't matter anymore: 

A nation of critical thinkers wouldn't need to be told this

Nope - you either have it or you don't - and most currently employed adults don't have it now. Evidence: office politics. 

Raising a nation of failures wasn't OUR goal (or doing)

And that's why we're so fucked up. Why Americans can still argue over things as brain-dead simple as reparations. Our people can't think or reason, relying instead on misinformation and their feelings.

"I think I'll need to see a resume' for this dishwashing position!"

So, until they really want some critical thinkers in the workplace - and will show their commitment to it through firing (or re-training) those who aren't - we'll keep bumbling along, rewarding the lost for losing their minds.

400 years of playing Whack-A-Mole with American lives should be enough

While always knowing where to find me,...

If Whites Don't Understand (Then It's Not A Possibility)

The requirements of citizenship are changing

Having lost touch with the value of a dollar, as they're determined to hilariously (and once again) re-teach the poor - and especially the darkies - the joys of labor, this quote captures the tenor of white America's general message, today, very well. 

Won't even sell on HBO

What about black America's questions on justice? 

Technology changes - the photos stay the same

Or even Chrisie Hynde's Message Of Love? 

Why are this man's pants down?

No comment. 

You get to succeed and you don't,...You get to,...

Allowing a kind of concentration camp-y feeling to descend over the realm. 

Why is it, if this man's happy, whites get upset?

My friend got killed a few weeks ago. 

Same thing

Gay guy with a job. 

Howdy, Sailor!

I was so desperate for money I almost crossed the police line just to ask for his position: 

Slavery led to a lot of things, but not this

That was what we call a white-on-white crime. 

Watch their beliefs go on and off without rhyme or reason

Don't see a lot of people hyping that kind of thing, though it's the most common kind of crime because whites are the most common kind of people. (Heh. Don't look at me: P.T. Barnum was writing worse things about Americans, long before I showed up, and I'm pretty sure he didn't give a shit about, or suffer from, any form of racism. He just thought American culture created fools, and I can't say I rightly disagree.)

Hand them a mirror - get the same reaction

What the mirror reveals

Has there ever been any difference? 

O.K., hands behind your back - you know how this goes, don't you?

The weak-minded, held up as saviors of society, as the good people - almost always dark people - are dying slow deaths, watching.

White supremacy has a new name

Notice how Republicans pick when they want to believe in God?

That happy place only others are allowed to enjoy.

Notice how Democrats pick when they want to believe in people?

It's all just "too much,..."

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hungry Hearts: My Killer Divorce Got It's Own Movie

Oh yes, it has. The Venice Film Festival is getting rocked by Hungry Hearts, a film that sounds kinda like the real life story of my marriage. It's about a New York City couple as they endure the immigrant wife's spiritual psychosis over food impurities, and her baby, resulting in it's death. The difference in the specifics of the circumstances (my wife killed three people, and is from France, not Italy) doesn't change how they met their demise:

The unrealistic fears of an outsider to the new world, fortunetellers contributing to it - and exploiting it behind the husband's back - further deception and, finally, NewAge death.

What a world. Is this film (further) evidence the phenomena of modern spiritual murder is  finally gaining attention and/or currency?

"It tastes like a true story,..."

It's So Cute: How Whites Believe This Is Freedom

American equality is neither

As whites say this is the best they can do, we do the best we can:

Which is exactly where it all began,...

Fashion: Turn It To The Left

Sharp as a tack - or The Tip Of The Spear

The issue is still race and racism (always has been) and Americans will say it all kinds of ways, but - with the exception of blacks - few will ever say it as it is: 

So what does "the suit" mean? 

 "Fasten your seatbelts, white folks. It's going to be a bumpy night,..."

Make Concentration Camps For Anyone W/Complaints

Whites think, if they smile a lot, that changes how their actions are seen

Finding out who your friends are can be a troubling revelation:

And, the best part is, when white supremacy is used - in a "kind" and "passive" manner - to demand blacks can't say a word about it,...

Whites New Race Manipulation Destroyed In One Photo

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Paying It Forward

You've Got To Speak The Language To Pimp The Game

Looking at his photo, Willis L. Krumholz looks like a nice young man - and I'm sure he is - but, when it comes to the black experience, he's out of his league: 

First, Mr. Krumholz ignores reparations as "the fruition of King’s dream," when it most definitely was an integral part of King’s plan. One can only assume Young Master Krumholz rolls that in with "top-down redistributive solutions" when, in truth, it's simple justice  - as blacks, and King, saw it. Is Mr. Krumholz a supporter of King's dream or not? He tells us of a "fruition" blacks have never seen nor heard King mention before.

Also, he makes no mention of the insidious curse of colorblind racism. I'm sure he's comfortable with the idea that men in hoods are mostly comical now, as am I, but the schemes average whites use to pervert Civil Rights laws and black history (twisting King's message of "character" to only reflect on the supposed defects of black culture and not white's long history of murder, rape, terror, and theft, being the most surreal) these are ignored as common to humanity in general, when they are nothing of the kind. Society continues. Interlopers in the New World are the exception.

Unfortunately, lies are not. Notice Mr. Krumholz says Democrats have taught blacks to "assume blacks can’t make it without the government," while completely ignoring the possibility blacks have figured out, by utilizing government, we can attain our aims while outnumbered 6 to 1 by whites. Allowing that blacks have political agency, beyond white's current era of extreme partisanship, seems beyond Mr. Krumholz's imagination.

The term "grievance wing" speaks to an odd thing to assume: 

That blacks would be happy while aggrieved for centuries. 

Mr. Krumholz doesn't acknowledge what a psychological bind that expectation puts one in. Is mere "prosperity" King's dream?

noun 1. the state of being prosperous."a long period of prosperity" 2. synonyms: 3. success, profitability, affluence, wealth, opulence, luxury, the good life,milk and honey, (good) fortune, ease, plenty, comfort, security, well-being"she deserves all the prosperity she now enjoys" 4. 

Really, Mr. Krumholz? Did King not fight for a just society? A place where we can all be comfortable and proud? Or was it all filthy lucre?

I sincerely don't think King meant what Mr. Krumholz thinks he meant,...

Jon Stewart Knows More About Race Than Liberals Or Conservatives Probably Ever Will Try To Understand

TMR hears the FOX News view a lot these days - in San Francisco!

Can't fool me - this is a man with a LOT of black friends - caps emphasis mine:

This isn’t all just about one man killed in one town. It’s about how people of color, no matter their socioeconomic standing, face obstacles in this country with surprising GRACE.

Thank you, Jon Stewart:

It was like you were looking right through the screen at my life,...