Thursday, August 28, 2014

And The Republicans Thought I Was Playing All Along

Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Eric Garner,...

Since colorblind racism has been one of the main topics around here, it's nice to see it's parameters described in print:

And they'll never win another vote until they recognize it,...

Turning The Blame From Their Racial Behavior 2 Yours

Sure, point at the cops, point at anyone, it doesn't really matter - just don't check yourself

The pull-yourself-up and stop-playing-the-victim crowd tell themselves blacks vote as they do because they've been brainwashed, by the Democrats, to ignore the obvious reason:

You know, like the colorblind racists:

Talkin' about the Dem "plantation,..."

A Teacher Explains Y Colorblind is "Colorblind Racism"

How do you explain the centuries-long exploitation of blacks by white Americans? 

The easy answers that appealed to whites - but held no resonance for blacks - will no longer do:

Starting with voting for black reparations,...

Whites Got 1 Black Friend & Blacks Got 8 White Friends

Considering whites outnumber us 6 to 1, this could also show how generous we are - and how stingy whites still are (long after the Civil War) while claiming otherwise:

Few whites talk about black friends. They talk about one special black person, or experience, and pretend it constitutes familiarity with the whole. That leaves room to ponder what must be an amazing lack of intimacy - and knowledge - in white lives, compared to blacks.

White supremacy's even stunting white's personal growth?

How can it not, huh? How could it not,...

Telling The Truth Doesn't Mean People Will Ever Listen

The death of white supremacy will not be fun - for white supremacists

Warning members of the Republican Party it's getting yanked around by it's interlopers has been a frustrating and fruitless endeavour, and their latest scheme to use libertarians as a wedge for young voters (best exemplified by Rand Paul's trips to Berkeley and Howard Universities after (racistly) trying to manipulate the hispanic vote, shut government, defeat ObamaCare, !BENGHAZI!, etc.) is equally worthy of words of caution. So - for the billionth time - here they are again:

Colorblind is a confession you can't see

Culture Beats Politics.

It's time to get your head out of the sand

If you haven't seen Alan I. Abramowitz's essay, "False Hope: Why Libertarians Won’t Help Republicans Win the Youth Vote," then be prepared to understand why false hope is worse than none at all:

"Check out TMR: The brother knows,...something."

Read the whole thing if you must, but if you're here already, then you know what it says:

White and black together, but as criminals

Culture Beats Politics.


The Right is over two decades too late

Hip-Hop is America's culture now (It's music is Rap) and it's a culture that thoroughly resists the history, and imperatives, of the culture that birthed it. This will not change. We can not hear you. We will not hear you. Until the Republican Party gets back to it's roots, as "the sheet anchor of the colored man's political hopes and the ark of his safety" - not a source of our irritation - they'll get nowhere.

"White Christmas" already has a re-mix

Culture beats politics.

Bamboozled is a 2000 satirical film written and directed by Spike Lee about a modern televised minstrel show featuring black actors donning blackface makeup and the violent fall-out from the show's success.

And it's because your "leaders" don't know this - no matter what color they are - they will never realize as anything of the kind,....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Wish This Was Me (It Should Be)

The only difference would be white supremacy referenced as "the beginning of the narrative,..."

TMR Is Finally Late To A Truth (About White America)

Knowing what I know about whites, now, I wouldn't have done it either

The president was right:

There's no reason to show whites a respect they'll never return.

And that goes for flipping the bird at them during the campaign,...

Why I'm Saying "Later, Guys" To White People Online

If slavery's such a non-issue, why'd Dave Chappelle do so much on it's evil?

I can't escape white supremacists day-to-day, but I don't have to talk to them everywhere, so I'm choosing not to:

White supremacy is dying, but as it does, it's embers are becoming too hot to touch -  especially for whites:

They've been bad neighbors, bad citizens, bad Americans, and bad friends.

Now, especially, niggas better know who's-who,...

Two Pics That Say Everything About American Racism

Erick Erickson, the conservative founder of Red State, looking like white privilege has given him a leg-up to the buffet table

An average black American

I Know More Than Anyone I Know (Without Knowing It)

"Behold: The Only Thing Greater Than Yourself!"

Another point I've been making - almost since I started the blog - from The Soprano's David Chase:

And thank God for that: 

I've been called the atheist John The Baptist.

And I sure hate wasting my time,...

America's Whites And A Cold Hard Truth Of Black LIfe

Whites have proven how determined they can be to have their way - not how moral

American blacks live in a country where whites need laws to stop discriminating against us - and to stop killing us - though they still figure out ways to do both anyway.

Wow - As Rare As A Unicorn: White Lady Understands SHE's The Asshole After Calling Someone An Asshole

I betcha, if he didn't have a camera, it would be a whole different story:

The one most blacks have to live with.

Because that's what living with white supremacists is like,...

Prediction: As Justice Creeps Up On White America,...

Whites will do anything - go to any length - not to admit they're wrong 

I am 100% convinced that, as white supremacy moves to the center of our national dialogue, making whites uncomfortable (all they have to be is uncomfortable and they lose it already) whites will begin murdering blacks in frustration - and in mass - just as they used to. Why? 

 Outnumbering us 6 to 1, they have the numbers, and they don't know morals or ethics.

Running a society based on killing and discrimination - rather than the ability to lead or compete - is really all they've ever known,....

AGAIN?! Damn: Bill O'Reilly Has Race All Figured Out I

AGAIN?!? Damn: Bill O'Reilly Has Race All Figured Out

Nothing to do with white people - blacks are crazy for not liking being tortured,...

Nowhere To Run To, Baby, Nowhere To Hide (Race)

"White privilege need not be overtly racist, and in fact is most potent when expressed through coded language cleansed of racial terms. It comes out into the world in phrases that seem reasonable to us white folk, but that obscure the immense freight of racism they carry — phrases like: “I’m not racist, but”; “my ancestors didn’t own slaves so I am not responsible”; “I didn’t get any breaks, I worked for everything I have”; and “what are they complaining about, things are so much better now.” Instead of “black neighborhood,” we say “high crime,” “dangerous” or “investment risk.” Instead of young black male, we say “thug” and “gangster.” White privilege leads us to repeat nostrums like “hey, Africans had slaves too”; “Republicans aren’t racists because the Democrats were the party of slavery”; and “what about black-on-black crime.” Such phrases are so utterly denuded of historical context as to be meaningless, yet they are repeated ad nauseam by right-wing bloggers and pundits.”


Leave The Money On The Nightstand (U Fucked My Life)

And woe upon anyone else who notices

White Man Will Most Definitely Not Be A Victim In Prison 4 Killing A Black Girl By Shooting Her Right In The Face

Any time, the reality of the Right-Wing's dogma becomes clear, has to be a great and joyous occasion, and - despite it being said, a billion times, by white people with no idea what they're talking about - it's my opinion "Don't Be A Victim" hasn't really gotten it's due until now: 

Of course, he - being a white man - wasn't. He just wanted to shoot someone in the face and - this being America - a black girl offered opportunity. The conservative boilerplate was expected to offer cover. Watched a lot of FOX. It didn't work any better in the real world. 

Like all their talk of a "Democrat Plantation," what's incredible is how Republicans keep burying themselves with knee-jerk racism,...